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From early 90’s until 2010, both Pirjo and Ari worked for a CRM system vendor. In 1986, Ari was one of the partners founding AddWise Oy which in early 90’s published a CRM system called PROSPEKTI. It gained a very good market share in Finland. Some years later AddWise Oy was sold to a Norwegian company and changed its name to Software Innovation Finland Oy but it still continued to develop PROSPEKTI further. When Innofactor Plc bought Software Innovation Finland Oy, Ari and Pirjo decided to start a company of their own. Their experience from hundreds of projects is now available to you.

Ari Rosti


For Ari, information technology has been a hobby and work since the beginning of 1980’s. Most of his experience is related to implementation and configuration of CRM systems to meet the needs of customers’ businesses. Our customers represent various business areas and sizes.

Ari has also worked as IT trainer and manager in AddWise Oy and Tieturi Oy, and developer of B2B service business in DataInfo Turku.

Ari has a master’s degree in information systems science from Turku School of Economics.

+358 400 520 676

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Skype: ari.rosti

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Pirjo Rosti


Pirjo started her IT career in the 80’s at Turku School of Economics where she worked as lecturer and researcher in Information Systems Science. In the middle of the 90’s, she left the academic world for the business world and started as trainer and consultant in AddWise Oy. Some years later, she became partner and managing director.

Pirjo has a master’s degree in information systems science and she has also done some research (licentiate’s degree) in information systems science at Turku School of Economics.

+358 40 501 4720

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