About the Company

Contact Information

Contact Information

Visiting and mailing address:

Pinassi Oy
Laivanvarustajantie 1
21660 Nauvo


Phone: +358 40 501 4720 or +358 400 520 676

Business ID: FI23865349

Invoicing addresses:

For electronic invoices (in Finland): 003723865349

For paper invoices:

Pinassi Oy/Ostolaskut
PO Box 55
20811 Turku

Taking Care of Environment


To us, taking care of environment means making right choices. We have made e.g. the following choices:

  • We utilise the possibilities of doing business electronically as much as possible.
    • If possible, we send and receive our invoices electronically.
    • We avoid unnecessary printing.
    • We prefer online and phone meetings in order to avoid unnecessary travelling.
  • Our business cards are printed on recycled material.
  • Our office is heated by geothermal heat pump.
  • The electricity we use is EKOenergy certified by The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.
  • In our car, we use Neste MY renewable diesel
  • We sort, recycle and compost.

We make new choices when they are due.

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